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When we are young, we can eat almost everything and still not gain weight as the body can metabolise and digest the food. As we age, the metabolism slows down which causes weight gain and many health issues. EGA stands for Age spelled backwards. Our diet and lifestyle plan is individualised and based on ancient Ayurveda knowledge of body types.

Our Renowned Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Hari Sankar Is Available Mon-Fri, 10 AM To 6 PM.


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Amazing Detox Packages

Ega Wellness Detox package helped me in removing all toxins from my body. I feel less stressed and more energetic in daily activities


Low cost high quality products

I wish to echo similar sentiments as I too ordered for Distribution and the mangoes were amazing! Alfonso and Kesar! Truely a Treat! Cheers ?


Tastes just like ghee should

Best ghee, dates and food products, and a great information source if you’re tapping into the wisdom and traditions of ayurveda

Vikram Mathur


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