We are working with a mission that no one ever needs to visit the hospital.  The world is thinking of building new hospitals for healthcare, we are promoting preventive healthcare so that no one ever needs hospitalization. The world is becoming more and more aware of the side effects of prescription medication being administered for lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, allergies etc., these are symptoms which need to be corrected with diet and lifestyle rather than management with medication.

We invite you to be a part of this mission to spread preventive healthcare for more and more people. Please ask the counter staff for information about becoming a member of this mission.

Ega juice clinic is born out of my own experience of transformation of my own health from one of regular sickness and lifestyle diseases like blood pressure and diabetes etc. being managed by modern medicine to a disease free life through use of food as medicine.



I used to have very frequent migraines. I grew up with a sensitive throat and had regular ent problems during my teen age years. My throat used to choke and hurt almost every second month, I would frequently get cold and cough and every doctor that I visited gave me antibiotics.  I got my tonsils operated at the age of 25, however that did not solve my problem as I would still keep falling sick, in fact it became more chronic and I was continuously prescribed anti-allergy medicines and antibiotics etc. as doctors had no other cure. I was trying to follow a very healthy lifestyle, I was exercising regularly, eating “healthy” like brown bread, egg whites, Diet Coke, low fat oils, packaged juices etc. By the age of 35 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, my levels were always at 150/100, my sleep quality kept deteriorating, energy levels were low.

I started having a lot of headaches which doctors called as migraine, initially what used to be once a month, became once a week and then almost every second day. I could not attend to any work or social appointment on most days as by the evening, I could not even keep my eyes open. I was almost popping a pain killer every morning as soon as I woke up.

I was falling sick very often, I never did any self medication, every time I was sick, I would go to a doctor, he would add more medicines like anti depressants  for sleep, ace inhibitors or beta blockers for blood pressure etc.

To answer the question, with some good luck from God, my brother forced me to an ayurvedic doctor Dr. Ratheesh from Kerala in 2011. He checked my pulse and told me that your body needs a detoxification. The food is not being digested well and nourishment is not reaching at cellular level as cells are coated with toxins.

He helped me to detox for 30 days by giving me herbal supplements like turmeric, gudduchi, amla and some laxatives. Those 30 days have completely changed my life.

I have never popped any drug in the last 5 years, I haven’t had a migraine attack for a single day or fallen sick. My blood pressure is always below 120/80. I sleep like a baby the minute I put my head on the bed. I feel fresh and energetic every morning when I wake up. I have lost about 15 kg weight and have maintained it for last 5 years. 

I treat food as medicine and the basic rules that the doctor gave me which I follow for diet are as follows:

  1. First rule and most important is to eat freshly cooked meal only, no breads, biscuits, packaged foods of any kind.
  2. Don’t mix cooked and uncooked foods.
  3. No tea or coffee on empty stomach before meals, with meals and not till 2 hours after meals.
  4. No milk or dairy products.
  5. Digestion works with the sun, it’s gets very weak in the evening, have only soup or easy to digest foods, Strictly no Wheat, Rice or Meat for dinner.
  6. Eat at regular time everyday, light breakfast before 9am, lunch between 12-1, dinner by 6pm. Wake up before sunrise and sleep by 10pm
  7. Strictly 3 meals in a day, Don’t eat between meals, give 4 hours for digestion before putting anything in mouth after a meal except water.
  8. Don’t drink water for 1.5 hrs. after meals, after that Keep sipping warm water every 15 min between meals.
  9. Fast regularly once a week to detox and to give rest to the digestive system best is water fast or a juice fast.
  10. Eat one meal of fresh seasonal fruits a day, either breakfast or dinner. Mono fruit only, no mixing fruits.

Our objective at ega is to bring this awareness to more and more people, we do not need to take any symptomatic relief in form of otc medication as that is just suppressing the symptoms. The objective is to listen to our body and cure the cause of the symptom and eliminate the root cause.

Ayurveda talks of a natural balance of the five elements of our body, if we are able to maintain the balance and maintain good digestive fire and eliminate the waste from the body regularly, we can lead a disease free life till the day of death. We never need to see any hospital in life if we use food as medicine.