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    Reviews for EGA India

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    Ashwagandha Energizer Tea (Purified)
    Wimal Amarasuriya (Singapore)

    I love this. Tastes great and wakes me up in the morning. A good alternative to coffee.

    Glow from within

    This juice not only provide you maximum benefit of antioxidants, it tastes great too.

    It works for me!

    After trying many types of ‘put me to sleep’ products, I have finally THE One that works magic for me. Was able to sleep fast and soundly after taking the tea on the lst night.


    I feel a lot healthier from taking the tablets. Very happy with the results.

    Green 1 Juice - Blood Cleanse & Skin Care

    Very Satisfied

    Very tasty and happy with how I felt after drinking.


    Best to drink it every few days, good for your eye.

    PITTA Juice Cleanse Detox Pack (Re-Focus, Hard)

    Power - a natural calcium boost

    Love that Power is high in calcium too!

    Power - Energy & Immunity Builder
    Carrie Yap (Singapore)
    Power - Energy & Immunity Builder

    I had some drinks the night before and was also suffering from a week long flu. I somehow felt better after drinking this in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Green 1 Juice - Blood Cleanse & Skin Care

    Warm Sunshine

    Purchased this for my daughter when she had a cold - she enjoyed it and I feel it was beneficial. Tastes exactly like fresh orange with warming ginger and turmeric.

    Customer since Forum Days.

    Like the concept as well as the returning of the bottles. Glad that they have it at Raffles Place, convenient ŵhen you need to take a "shot" of immunity!

    good qualityy ad good improp my helth

    Chyawanprash | Handmade | 54 Herbs with Real Gold
    NATARAJAN S. (Tamil Nadu, India)
    Superb Chyawanprash.

    I have switched over to this Chyavanaprasam (E G A Chyawanprash) and been using for the past 15 days. I have previously consumed 2 or 3 other brands of Chyawanprash but this is a DISTINCT ONE. Gives an excellent energy in a short period of usage. According to Dr. Kanika's advice, I consume it very slowly by licking it like ice-cream and keep it in mouth to let it dissolve fully for a good assimilation. For me, this product together with the said method of consuming DOES WORK. Obviously, my energy level is increasing. I think this is the costliest Chyawanprash in the Market. Of course, that may be because of the quality and nature of the ingredients. Thanks to the E G A.

    EGA Seeds Bar

    Ega seed bars

    EGA Seeds Bar
    Lay Kuan Tan
    Seeds, seeds and more seeds

    Love this snack. Can get addicted to this because it has all the seeds I love and it's not too sweet. After eating this, don't think I can ever go back to the mass produced supermarket version !



    Good and fresh


    One of my favorites. Incredibly sweet. Perfect combination!

    Miracle - Immunity & Brain Health
    Michael Chung (Singapore)
    I get this one the most

    Maybe it’s the colour, maybe it’s the taste, I always seem to pick this one on my way to the station :)

    Nothing beats a green juice!

    I always feel amazing after having this one 😍

    Natural Immunobooster Power Shot
    Michael Chung (Singapore)
    Small but potent!

    For a concentration of ginger and lemon it still tasted amazing! And I felt like it was doing something for my body which is the best part.

    Power - Energy & Immunity Builder
    Mathew Lee (California, United States)
    Great boost to my day with great ingredients

    Really enjoyed this juice based on its raw ingredients. It always does the trick