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    Our customers are our most important spokespersons. So here are some of the things they say about our handmade ayurvedic products.


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    Ashwagandha Energizer Tea (Purified)
    Wimal Amarasuriya (Singapore)

    I love this. Tastes great and wakes me up in the morning. A good alternative to coffee.

    Tranquil, grateful

    Tranquil is potent, delicious and a great pick-up! better than caffein!

    Great Vitamin C boost

    Much cleaner/fresher than a regular orange juice. Got it to fend off a lingering cold bug


    recommended to take this as a supplement to improve my blood health!

    Energy booster

    It was refreshing and lifted my mood

    Oil Pulling | Ayurvedic Formula| Fresh Breath | Sesame Oil | 27 Herbs

    Pitta Juice Cleanse

    Done it 3 times, and last time was the easiest. Still feeling hungry at night but it was manageable. I love the taste of juices and I trust the quality. Customer service is great, too. Recommend.

    A must try

    I do normal excercise per week. I have proper physic but my tummy bloat very often, I eat drink very fast result in stomach bloat. After taking EGA colen cleanser its far far better now I lost around 1.5 kg and look n feel much better now.

    Light and healthy

    The ghee is light and good for health. It also has a nice smell however it's not that tasty.

    EGA Colon Cleanser | Purified Ayurvedic Blend of 7 Herbs
    Lydia Manners Manar (Meghalaya, India)

    I couldn't sleep whole night I was havin loose motions non stop...but it feels good.

    EGA Colon Cleanser | Purified Ayurvedic Blend of 7 Herbs
    Babar Chauhan (National Capital Territory of Delhi, India)

    good product

    Really a best Colon cleaner

    Its the best colon cleaner


    It tastes fantastic and keeps me feeling energized and fresh

    Natural Immunobooster Power Shot
    Kelly (Perak, Malaysia)
    Power Boost - Natural Immunobooster Power Shot

    I had this during a bad episode, and it worked like magic. The warming sensation was soothing and even warmed my stomach. By the next day, my sore throat was nearly gone. Highly recommended for quick relief!

    Raw Wild Honey | Jungle Multi Floral | Un-heated | Unfiltered | 500 ml.
    Krishna chandra Tiwari (National Capital Territory of Delhi, India)

    Very good


    Tastes delicious and I liked it!

    Delicious! Good for first timers

    It’s a good starting drink for new Ega users to warm up to the fresh quality ingredients as some drinks might be an acquired taste. It helps that there’s accurate labels to break down the purpose of each product (:

    Strong! But perks you up

    Take it in the morning and although it took a bit of getting used to, as I drink it as a shot (or shared here) - it’s a lot of quantity for the price which is worth. Really woke me up and energized me. Takes a bit getting used to the ginger!

    Very palatable and effective so far!

    Granted it’s my first try and I had only one, but the flavor was palatable and you could tell it was very fresh. It did help cleanse my tummy and I would recommend getting it for regular use!

    Blood Cleanser

    This is a great product that Dr Ratheesh has worked into my diet together with a few other selections from the EGA boutique. I feel better after 1 month.


    It’s a treat, like having my coffee & dessert & nutrition all rolled together! The turmeric gives it a nice kick, balancing out the sweetness that I normally wouldn’t want for my coffee pick-me-up.

    😍 love it

    Have been not feeling so well so decided to take this shot. I feel really good after taking it as I can feel the difference and everything is natural. Highly recommended.

    Cleanse & RISE!

    This is powerful!

    Absolutely delicious!

    Thoroughly enjoyed the mix, very nicely concocted. Spoilt for choice ... want to try them all!

    Black Hair Oil

    I have only used once. Not too bad, the feeling is not too oily and I love the texture. i will need to use for a more prolong period before I can know its effects