How to take care of your hair in winters? 

How to take care of your hair in winters? 

Dry weather impacts your hair just as much as it affects your skin. This is something that often goes unnoticed among people. The harsh weather is characterised by dryness in the atmosphere. This dryness rips the hair from the essential oils needed in the scalp to nourish and keep it healthy. The absence or reduction of these oils causes the scalp to become dry and flaky, which loosens its hold on hair strands and leads to one of the most dreaded hair problems of all time, hair-fall. Apart from this, dandruff is another drawback that arises from exposure to the winter weather.

With all the hair problems that arise from dry cold weather, it is safe to say that hair care needs a holistic approach, combined with products that can replenish the hair and a healthy lifestyle. A culmination of these will promise healthy and nourished hair even in the harshest of weather. We have mentioned a few tips that will help tackle hair problems in the winter from their roots.

Hydration from a thorough oil massage!

Massaging the scalp with an Ayurvedic hair oil can even out any imbalances in the scalp at regular intervals. This also helps maintain and regulate the moisture in the hair and allows it to regain its strength. Use EGA Hair Oil that helps fight dryness, flaky dandruff, frizzy and brittle hair.

Reduce the number of Hair washes

Frequent hair washes mean regular use of shampoos. And using shampoos continuously removes the essential oil from the scalp and causes further dryness and irritation. Minimising the number of washes in a week and using sulphate free shampoos are good ways to ensure that your scalp is moisturised.

Pro tip: when it comes to hair, heat is best avoided.

Hair strands are already delicate during winters, and using or applying heat on top of this will only damage the hair even more. It will cause the hair to become brittle, ultimately leading to hair breakage. Blow drying is also best reduced during the winter months because it draws out the moisture from the scalp.

Stepping out with wet hair and why it shouldn’t be done

Cold air causes hair strands to expand, making them, again, vulnerable to breakage. Prolonged continuation of this may also lead to colour fading of the hair. It is always advised to dry the hair properly before stepping out into the sun. Air drying is always the best way to dry, which is less likely to cause damage.

Cover your locks when stepping out

Hair strands get stressed when exposed or subjected to cold and dry weather, dry winds or even snow. Keeping it covered with a scarf or a hat will significantly help because it acts as a barrier and protects the hair. Lining hats with satin or silk cloth are also a great option because they help reduce friction from cotton and woollen fabrics.

Microfibre towels help

Microfibre towels are gentle on the hair, and they have high water absorption capacity, dry the hair quicker and help with friction reduction. This is a great option to include in one’s hair care routine because other towels can make the hair rough and create frizz and flyaways. These are gentle on the hair and come along with additional benefits.


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