Our Story

"EGA" is simply "AGE" spelled backward. Our goal is to promote preventive care as the new norm for lifestyle diseases, fueled by the wisdom of EGA Ayurveda.

At EGA Wellness, our mission is to keep you out of hospitals. While world is focusing on building more medical facilities, we're dedicated to promoting preventive healthcare. With growing awareness about the side effects of prescription drugs for lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and allergies, we believe in addressing these issues through diet and lifestyle changes. Our story is rooted in personal transformation. We understand the struggles of managing conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes with modern medicine. That's why we're committed to offering natural alternatives that empower you to live a medication-free life.

Founder's Mission

While the rest of the world contemplates constructing new hospitals to address healthcare needs, we are steadfastly advocating for preventive healthcare, so that no one ever needs to visit the hospital. The global consciousness is awakening to the repercussions of relying on prescription medications to manage lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, allergies and more. These ailments are often symptomatic of underlying imbalances that can be rectified through mindful adjustments in diet and lifestyle rather than merely medicated management.
We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us in this mission to reduce drug dependence in the world for lifestyle diseases and instead make preventive care commonplace. 

EGA Ayurveda finds its roots in my personal journey of health transformation. I transitioned from a life marked by frequent illnesses and the management of lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes through modern medicine, to that of achieving a life free from ailments by adopting the transformative power of using food as medicine.

This is where it all began. I battled frequent migraines throughout my life, compounded by a sensitive throat that plagued my teenage years with recurrent ENT issues. Despite getting my tonsils removed at 25, my health struggles persisted. Regular episodes of throat pain, coupled with frequent colds and coughs, led me down a path of antibiotic reliance.
Despite my best efforts to adopt a seemingly healthy lifestyle—regular exercise, consumption of 'healthy' foods like brown bread, egg whites, diet-drinks, low-fat oils, and packaged juices—I found myself at 35 facing a diagnosis of high blood pressure. My blood pressure levels consistently hovered around 150/100, and my overall well-being took a hit. 

Slowly, but surely, my sleep quality deteriorated, and I experienced persistent fatigue. Headaches, initially dismissed as migraines, escalated from once a month to once a week, and eventually to almost every other day. The impact was profound; I couldn't fulfil work or social commitments, often unable to keep my eyes open by evening. Each morning began with the routine intake of a painkiller just to function.

Despite seeking medical help regularly, my health continued to decline. Doctors prescribed additional medications such as anti-depressants for sleep, ace inhibitors, and beta-blockers for blood pressure, yet relief remained elusive. I became a pill-popping 40-something…until Ayurveda found me.
With a stroke of divine luck and the gentle insistence of my brother, I found my way to Dr. CT Ratheesh, an Ayurvedic doctor from Kerala, in 2011. After assessing my pulse, he delivered a revelation that needed immediate attention—my body was in a desperate state and in need of detoxification. The digestion process was compromised, and nourishment wasn't reaching the cellular level due to a coating of toxins on the cells. Under his guidance, I underwent a 30-day detox program including herbal supplements like Turmeric, Guduchi, Amla, and some laxatives. Those transformative 30 days marked a turning point in my life. 

The rest is history. For the past ten years, I have not taken a single pharmaceutical drug. Migraine attacks are a thing of the past, and I haven't fallen ill. My blood pressure consistently maintains a healthy level below 120/80. I now enjoy restful sleep, akin to a baby, as soon as I lay my head on the pillow. Waking up each morning, I feel revitalized and full of energy. During the early years itself, I shed around 25 kg of weight, dropped from a size 36 to 32, and have successfully maintained it for the past decade. 

When we started this company, I told Dr Ratheesh, the best way to summarize my health transformation that I experienced was metabolic age reversal. We began thinking of a brand that could signify the concept of age reversal. Hence, EGA stands for ‘AGE’ in reverse.
The most important aspect of my health transformation that enabled this was that I started treating food as medicine and followed with discipline the basic rules that the doctor gave me. I am only advising here what I have followed over the years.
CO-FOUNDER | EGA Juice Clinic

#1 Advice

Most important is to sleep by 10 pm and wake up by 5 am, every day. Nothing can compensate for this. Disease-free life is not possible if you can’t wake up before sunrise every morning and sleep on time. Remember, which hours of sleep is more important than 7-8 hours of sleep. The liver is a vital organ responsible for filtering and detoxifying blood, metabolizing nutrients, and eliminating waste products. Liver function peaks between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM, when the body is in a state of deep sleep. So, if you miss this window of quality sleep, detoxification is suboptimal and you are bound to age faster.

#2 Advice

Dinner should be light and before Sunset. We are part of nature and our digestion works with the sun, weakening as the day progresses. No heavy foods, wheat, meat or rice for dinner. Soup or mono-fruit is best.

#3 Advice

Eat freshly cooked meals only. The essential life force in food that provides nourishment is maximum when it is closest to source and consumed fresh. As a household we worked towards not consuming left over from earlier meals, not refrigerating, freezing, thawing or reheating food. A big NO to processed and preserved foods, bread, biscuits, etc. Anything in a packet is unhealthy.

#4 Advice

Don’t mix cooked and uncooked foods.

#5 Advice

No tea or coffee on empty stomach before meals, with meals and not till 2 hours after meals.

#6 Advice

Eat at regular time every day. Remember, a light breakfast before 9am, a heavy lunch between 12pm-1pm, and the lightest dinner by 6pm.

#7 Advice

Strictly 3 meals in a day. Do not eat between meals. Give 4 hours for digestion before putting anything in your mouth after a meal, except water.

#8 Advice

Don’t drink water for 1.5 hrs. after meals, after that keep sipping warm water every 15 min between meals.

#9 Advice

Incorporate regular fasting into your routine, aiming for once a week to detoxify and provide a respite for the digestive system. Water fasting or a juice fast is best.

#10 Advice

Eat one meal of fresh seasonal fruits a day, either breakfast or dinner. Mono fruit only, no mixing fruits.