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Nice synergistic blend

Love this synergistic blend. Could not make this myself at home ! :)

Better than coffee!

Taste so good, I crave for it more than coffee now! And it’s a healthier option too.

Anti Inflammatory Oil - Pain Relief
Seok Hong Peh (Singapore)
Anti Inflammatory oil

I used 2 drop anti inflammatory oil in hot water steam once a week. It helps me when i have flu, ENT infections. My family also like to use it has reduced swelling, healing powder.

Turmeric Coffee Latte With Fresh Almond Milk

Super Taste

The Mango Nectar is by far the best juice I could ever have. Simply love the taste of it!!

Daily Lax Tablets
Iti Mathur (Uttar Pradesh, India)

Daily Lax Tablets

Organic Afghan Dried Figs-500gm
Avanti Kundalia (Singapore)
Organic Afghan Dried Figs

The yummiest figs ever! Delicious and fresh! Great to eat straight out of the packet with an added medicinal boost when soaked overnight. i have incorporated them into my daily diet to augment my haemoglobin levels and my recent bloodwork showed its working.

Ajay Modi (Singapore)
Fresh and healthy

My family is fond of pomegranates and those at EGA are really fresh n delicious

Fresh Coconut Nut Milk
ABI (Singapore)
Coconut Milk


Refreshing Drink

Sweet and refreshing juice! Apparently good for the heart! Will order again.

Energy Booster

If you need an energy boost, this drink gives you just that.

Stopped the cold

Drank this to fight off a cold and worked well.

Delivery charges Postal Code 3,4
Serene Tan (Singapore)
Great Juice, Great Day!

Juices were delivered with care in cooler bag and timely. EGA juices were great and they made our day!

Green 4 Juice - Liver & Kidney Cleanse
Yeanne Halim (Singapore)

Green 4 Juice - Liver & Kidney Cleanse

Best Flavor

Really enjoyed the light flavours of Nirvana. Best drink after a hard day's work. Makes you feel reenergized without feeling heavy.

Best for Hair and Skin

I've seen a great transformation in my hair and skin. My hair is definitely stronger, shinier and has seen fewer strands falling. My skin feels smoother with fewer fine lines. Would definitely recommend to all age groups.

Ashwagandha Energizer Tea (Purified)
Prama Ashley Ilango (Singapore)
Energy booster

You can’t go wrong starting the day with a blend of these spices. A true energy booster!


I use it to make my salad dressing. Good

Organic Indian Pomegranate-1 kg
Ajay Modi (Singapore)
Nice and affordable

Was delighted with the freshness

Fresh and healthy

Presentable and full of goodness

Aam Ras

So so good. Seriously. I would buy more if it weren’t this expensive :). But product was amazing. Well done 👍🏽

Triphala Lax 2Detox
Prama Ashley Ilango (Singapore)
Works like magic!

Worry about constipation no more!

Golden Milk Almond
Bee Yen (Singapore)

Refreshing after taste

Crispy, Fresh and Awesome!

These are absolutely fantastic! The quality is great. I eat them raw and so, the freshness and the crunch you get when you bite into it is important. I order them whenever they are available here. Highly recommended!

Really healthy tasting

I have repurchased this many times in the past few years as I really enjoy it and can feel the benefits of drinking it.