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    Reviews for EGA India

    Check out what our customers say about EGA Wellness India from all of our verified reviews. Shop at EGA Wellness India for Ayurvedic Supplements and products.

    Based on 1277 reviews
    Fresh and delicious

    Whole family enjoyed these, would purchase again

    Ash Gourd Juice and its benefits.

    Ega’s Ash Gourd juice is amazing. Firstly, it comes in the right size. Secondly, it is cold pressed and tastes exactly like it should. It has helped me tremendously with keeping my stomach alkaline. It is considered relaxing and cooling for both brain and gut.

    Tastes great

    The taste is great and refreshing.

    Taste better than I thought

    Love it

    POWER - great for whole family

    This juice is super refreshing and invigorating for the whole family - even kiddos love the delicious flavour!

    Turmeric Coffee Latte With Fresh Almond Milk
    Victoria Garrett (Tokyo, Japan)
    Tumeric Latte

    I really like your tumeric latte with almond milk as an alternative to my morning coffee.

    Great tasting

    Tastes awesome. Felt rejuvenated after taking the shot. Highly recommended


    Love it

    Joy - Relaxation & Digestion
    Zee Pin Ding (Jakarta, Indonesia)

    Joy - Relaxation & Digestion

    Joy - Relaxation & Digestion
    Nur Atiqah Shariffudin

    I love the balanced taste of Joy juice and I love that it really makes me feel good just by drinking it.

    Chewy and nice

    I put it in my salad. Taste good and add in another variety to my salad.

    Tasty and delicious

    Tastes great

    My first taste with tumeric coffee latte

    It's brownish yellowish color just drummed up my thrist, I asked for a sugar free version which the shop kindly acceded to, thank you. It was a little diluted compared to its green series

    Green 3 juice

    Helpful in relieving indigestion and constipation.

    Miracle - Immunity & Brain Health

    Thumbs up to Ega Juice

    I have been consuming Ega Juices weekly since the 1st outlet opened in Cluny Court years ago. Green 2 & 3 are my fave bottles, it has helped me through my busy & hectic social life of dining & wining through the years. Green 2 has certainly helped cleansing my system to give me a clean bill of health.

    Love it.

    Love coconut, so it’s a plus.

    Thumbs up for taste!

    It taste way better than I thought 😋

    Powerful Shot!!

    Love this! Just the right balance of sweetness and kick!!!

    Vedic Virgin Coconut Oil

    Makes all the difference to my overall well-being. I have a tablespoon in my bullet coffee everyday, and keeps me so full. Aside from that, my 5 year old loves a teaspoon a day too.

    Turmeric Latte with Fresh Almond Milk

    4 stars, though awarded based solely on the following two considerations
    - refreshing thirst quencher
    - fuss free, less sinful version of a sugar-laden s**rbucks caramel macchiato

    It would require more things to be rectified in Heaven and Earth, Horatio/Horatia, than are dreamt of in your philosophy, than relying on a quick fix to achieve an all-round healthy vibrant mind body and soul.


    Feeling very very fresh after mouth wash

    Daily Necessity

    a vital supplement to ensure great immunity and overall well-being. After taking Nano turmeric, whenever I do get ill - my symptoms are mild, and I recover much faster.


    Tasty and hydrating