Why one should use cow desi ghee instead of butter?

Why one should use cow desi ghee instead of butter?

Most people think that Cow ghee is nothing but butter, refined in some way. But they are not exactly the same. There are many benefits of cow desi ghee over butter.

Why should we buy ghee instead of butter?

Ghee is a clarified form of butter. Ayurveda states that it improves the absorption capacity of the small intestines and minimizes the acidic pH of our gastro-intestinal tract. It's a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids which lower LDL cholesterol.

It is typically used as an ingredient in many traditional Indian recipes. Ghee also has several health benefits that may make it preferable to eating butter on a regular basis.

What makes ghee so special?

Don’t get us wrong. Butter is delicious. But here’s the deal: Ghee is made from butter, which means that it’s still tasty and flavorful and is often used in Indian cuisine but is lower in lactose, higher in vitamins. If you’re looking to decrease the amount of saturated fats in your diet, Ghee may be a better alternative. Ayurveda, the traditional practice of medicine in India, has been using ghee to improve medication since its inception over 5,000 years ago. Ghee has recently gained popularity as a healthier alternative to standard butter. It can be used as an ingredient in cooking and baking, and is more shelf-stable than butter. Scientific studies have shown that cow ghee is a healthy alternative to butter. However, more research is needed to confirm how effectively cow desi ghee can serve as a preventive against major chronic diseases.

Nutrition Information

One teaspoon of ghee contains:

• Calories: 42

• Protein: 0 grams

• Fat: 5 grams

• Carbohydrates: 0 grams

• Fiber: 0 grams

• Sugar: 0 grams

Ghee contains vitamins that are essential for good health, including nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

Who can have ghee?

Ghee is a good alternative to butter for those who are lactose intolerant.

Ghee lasts for more than a year. Ghee increases digestion and is good for your heart. Butter can cause heartburn and indigestion. Butter can cause constipation whereas ghee relieves constipation.

But, Why Desi Cow Ghee?

Cow Ghee is a dairy product that has a lot of nutritional value. If you're from an Indian family, you might have been hearing about it all your life.

The benefits of consuming Cow Ghee:

1. Desi cow ghee helps improve digestive system by revitalizing the secretion of enzymes. It contains a lower chain fatty acid which is easily absorbed by the body. Thus, consuming cow ghee improves the immune system of individuals prone to weak digestion.

2. A spoonful of desi cow ghee mixed with milk in the morning has been found to relieve bowel problems.

3. The Vitamin K2 in Desi Cow ghee helps reduce the calcium deposits in the arteries. This protects the arteries from being damaged easily. Besides ,it also benefits the heart by increasing the good cholesterol.

4. Consuming desi cow ghee on a daily basis can significantly enhance the strength of the body and increase the bone density. Desi cow ghee will supply your brain and body with the nutrients necessary to make them work well.

5. Ghee is great for your internal organs, but it can also help heal external wounds. Just apply some ghee over the infected area every day.


Both ghee and butter are derivatives of cow’s milk. However, their distinct characteristics should be taken into account so as not to confuse them with each other. However,desi cow ghee is much healthier than butter and is great for people suffering from lactose and casein intolerance. The benefits of desi cow ghee are actually quite large, but make sure you keep your consumption moderate.


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Praaddyot Kr Sikdar

Why desi Cow ghee and not the conventional low priced Cow ghee sold in the market ?

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