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    Top 6 Benefits of Moringa

    India, with its ancient Ayurvedic science, has a long history of utilising herbs and other medicinally valuable plants, for nourishment. One such power-food is Moringa Oleifera, or better known as Moringa. This plant has been utilised for centuries in different cultures as a remedy for health conditions like cancer, issues of heart, diabetes, inflammations and bacterial/viral infections. Incorporating power-plants like Moringa in our daily diet would complement our efforts to improve our health. 

    Moringa, or drumstick also known as ‘Sigru’, in ancient Ayurvedic texts. This plant carries qualities of being dry, fluid and has been found to have a bitter taste. And it is these qualities that allows the plant to have detoxifying and cleansing effects especially for fat tissues and blood. Moringa leaves are even more rich in nutritional benefits. It has minimal levels of cholesterol and fat. For better understanding, we have listed down more benefits of this Ayurvedic plant -

    • Acts as a Detoxifier & Tonic: Moringa aids in purifying and nourishing the blood, muscle tissues and the bone marrow. After cleansing,it also helps to strengthen the heart and blood systems to function optimally. Overall, moringa is said to reduce ‘kapha’ and ‘vata’. In Ayurveda, ‘Kapha’ is the energy that forms the body structure that includes bones,muscles & tendons. ‘Vata’ governs all processes at a microcellular and macroscopic level’. It will pacify vata, but only when consumed in moderation. Because of its light and dry qualities it can aggravate vata if used in excess. It is to be used with caution especially when dealing with pitta imbalances because of its heating effect. Moringa Tablets by Ega Wellness considerably improves the body’s functioning, as it imbibes all the goodness of Moringa leaves!
    • Contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals: Even after following the best diets, an individual may somehow face deficiency in vitamins or minerals. Moringa leaves are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, containing iron, calcium, Zinc, phosphorus, potassium and others like vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2,  B6, riboflavin.
    • Acts as an antioxidant: Moringa protects the body's cells, thereby acting as an antioxidant. Antioxidants from plant-based sources are shown to be more effective. This property of Moringa leaves help in boosting immunity and keeping the body free of toxins. Consuming moringa tablets by Ega Wellness would add to your body’s natural immunity response.
    • Effective against Diabetes: Moringa is known to help reduce the glucose levels in the blood of an individual. It is also useful in reducing sugar and protein in the urine, which improves the hemoglobin levels in blood significantly. There are two antioxidants present in the moringa leaves called Quercetin and chlorogenic acid. The quercetin helps in lowering the blood pressure levels while the chlorogenic acid stabilizes the blood sugar levels. The chlorogenic acid has also been found to process sugar in the body better and affects insulin production too. The overall protein content too showed an increase in the people who got tested. So the next time you think before devouring that pastry, do ensure that you consume the right supplements like Moringa tablets, by Ega Wellness, to keep your sugar cravings satiated and your health in control!
    • Excellent source of Calcium: Moringa is very effective in making bones stronger and healthier. Moringa is an excellent source of calcium for the body, heals damaged bones, used in treatment for arthritis and when formulated with kiratatikta, it helps prevent inflammation in the body. Ega Wellness’ Moringa Tablets are the right addition to your daily routine to incorporate the much needed calcium in your diet.
    • Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent: Moringa shows excellent anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties. It is also helpful in relieving the burning sensation. In Ayurveda, aggravation of Vata dosha causes arthritis, which is known as Sandhivata. Moringa possesses the ability to deeply penetrate into our tissues, revitalising our internal organs. 

    At Ega Wellness, we understand the importance of a good lifestyle, the power of Ayurveda and the contribution of supplements that complement your diet in a healthy manner. Moringa leaves may not be accessible to everyone- but it's benefits sure can be! 

    Moringa Tablets is an exclusive product that aims to make it accessible to everyone. With no added sugar, preservatives or artificial colours, these tablets deliver the purest form of Moringa in the form of tablets. A purely vegan product, Moringa tablets assist you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. An online consultation can be booked with an Ayurvedic expert, who will cater to your requirements, depending upon your body and lifestyle.

    Grab a bottle of Moringa Tablets today and experience the secrets of ancient ayurveda in your fast paced busy life. 


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      I take one tab Moringa daily after food,would u please tell me whether the tab works to cure Uric Acid? The pharmacist told me that it works for uric acid problem.Hope I will get ur positive reply in this regard
      With thanks.

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      Want to know rate in bulk purchase?

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      Shevaga is best vegetable.

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