Benefits of Giloy

Benefits of Giloy

It is time again to find a wave of peace in natural medicine that can heal you. According to many studies, Ayurveda is the best natural form of healing in India and around the world.

Ayurveda recommends Giloy as an effective treatment for fevers and other conditions. Giloy is one of three Amrit plants. The word Amrit in Sanskrit means “the root of immortality,” hence the name of amritavalli or amrita in Sanskrit.


What is Giloy?

Giloy is scientifically referred to as Tinospora cordifolia or Guduchi in Hindi. The stem of Giloy is considered effective as medicine because of its high nutritional content and the alkaloids in it. The root and leaves can also be used.

Giloy gets its name Heart-leaved Moonseed Plant because of the heart-shaped leaves and its reddish fruit.

Health Benefits of Giloy

The Giloy is believed to be a strong immunity booster, anti-toxic, antipyretic (that reduces fever), anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. This classical medicine can be an ideal first line of defense against disease and illness.

  1. Giloy for chronic fever

    The Ayurvedic texts identify two causes of fever: Ama (toxic remains in the body due to improper digestion), and some foreign particles.

    Giloy is one of the best herbals for managing chronic, recurrent fevers.

    It is an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic herb that helps to boost your immunity, fight against the infection, and begin recovery.

  2. Giloy for dengue fever

    Giloy has been found to be an antipyretic herb.

    It improves platelet count in dengue fever and reduces the chances of bleeding, one of the complications of dengue fever.

    Studies have shown that regular intake of Giloy helps to improve immunity during dengue, and also speeds up recovery.

    For better results, boil Giloy juice with a few Tulsi leaves and ingest the mixture for increased platelet count.

  3. Controls blood sugar level

    In Ayurveda, Giloy is known as a ‘Madhunashini’, a Sanskrit term meaning ‘destroyer of sugar.’ It is helpful in the production of insulin which controls blood sugar levels.

    Giloy is also a traditional remedy for diabetes complications like ulcers, kidney problems.

    But nowadays, many giloy products use chemicals in their manufacturing process, and some are made in factories.

    EGA Nano giloy, an ayurvedic medicine, is prepared by collecting fresh Guduchi creeper from forests only from Neem trees during the particular month of the year when it is fully mature and has maximum medicinal value.

    It is filtered many times over with water without the use of any heat or chemicals to retain its medicinal properties.

  4. Boosts immunity
    This herb activates the immune system, thereby increasing vitality in a person. Drinking Giloy 

    juice or kadha twice a day may improve your immunity.

    It is a source of antioxidants, which help to release toxins from the body.

    Giloy juice also acts as a skin detoxifier and has been used to improve skin. Giloy is also used for liver diseases and urinary tract infections, as well as heart-related issues.

  5. Improved respiratory health

    Giloy is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Asthma causes inflammation of the trachea, resulting in breathing problems. Giloy can help ease inflammation, which increases respiratory ability.

Giloy herb has no side effects. However, if you take Giloy alongside other diabetic medications, it might lead to low blood sugar levels.

Giloy may worsen the symptoms of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. It does not appear to have any effect on breastfeeding mothers. So, it’s best to avoid Giloy during lactation.


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