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    Ayurvedic anti-aging secrets to stay young

    People have been on the quest for longevity since the existence of ancient civilization. Many mythical stories have been written about the search for the elixir of life. All in vain. But this obsession of people to stay young and youthful led to the disruption of the cosmetic industry and plastic surgery.  

    Applying layers of makeup to conceal the wrinkles and coloring hair to hide the white ones became our go-to solution, but have you ever researched the dark side of the cosmetic industry? How adversely do these chemicals affect your skin? 

    The temporary solutions of the makeup products permanently ruin your beauty. 

    These products have a toxic chemical composition such as paraben, sulfates, lead, toluene, etc that can slowly damage your nervous system, extract natural oils from your skin leaving it dull and crepey. Prolonged use of chemical-infused hair products can lead to permanent hair loss and irrevocable damage. 

    Moreover, many cosmetic brands test their products leading to animal cruelty. They also release harmful gases and chemicals which are harmful to the environment as well. 

    Another solution which people prefer is plastic surgery but we all are aware of how expensive and risky it can be.  If plastic surgery doesn't go well, it can permanently scar your beauty.  

    So, what is the solution for youthfulness and longevity? 

    Through Ayurvedic practices, people can delay premature aging and breathe the air of youthfulness for much longer.  

    Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word and its literal meaning is 'Knowledge of life and longevity.' 

    Let's discover the ayurvedic secrets to juvenility and longevity. 

    Rasayana- The path of essence 

    Rasayana therapy is an Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy that helps in delaying premature aging and working towards a longer life with good strength and immunity.

    It improves mental and physical competence, preserves youthfulness, rejuvenates the skin, and helps in the formation of the best quality of tissues. 

    Rasayana therapy contains various methods of rejuvenation and some of the important rasayanas herbs are as follows.  


    Amla is a fruit of heaven. 100gm of Amla berries contains as much Vitamin C as 20 oranges and 30 times the antioxidants of red wine. In Indian culture, historical records tell us that Ayurveda uses Amla in healing remedies for at least 1000 years. They are an excellent source of Vitamin C, E, and A,  Iron, and calcium.  

    It helps in controlling diabetes, better digestion, healthier eyes, clear and glowing skin, and boosting immunity.  

    EGA has a wide range of products that had Amla as the main ingredient in them such as Amla juices, immunity boosters, fat burn tea,  hair care, and anti-aging skincare products with Amla as the main ingredient. 



    The Ashwagandha plant is one of the most powerful and effective herbs in Ayurveda, well known for its rejuvenating benefits. Ashwagandha has countless benefits such as it-

    • Stabilizes the immune system
    • Controls blood sugar levels
    • Promotes new nerve growth
    • Improves memory and reaction time
    • Reduces anxiety and stress
    • Treats insomnia, asthma
    • Moisturizes the dry and rough skin
    • Helps in the growth of hair 
    • Purifies the skin and prevents acne
    • Prevents menopause-related issues in women 

    Ashwagandha is heavy to digest and needs to be purified with cow's milk to make it easy to absorb and give medicinal properties.

    EGA wellness ashwagandha is given shodhan or dipped in 

    Indian breed Cows milk for 24 hours and dried and the process is repeated 10 times before it is filtered and powdered to make Ega Energizer.


    Every Indian household adds ghee to their food without any fail. But did you know that not only for your internal health, ghee also has amazing benefits for skin and hair?  

    • It was used to treat skin rashes and bruises in ancient times. 
    • Deeply moisturize chapped lips 
    • Nourishes damaged and dry skin
    • Prevents dark circles
    • Acts as a deep conditioner for frizzy hair 
    • Boosts hair growth and reduces dandruff
    • Slows the process of skin aging 

    Ghee has so many benefits for your health and beauty, however, ghee available in the market is not generally of poor quality. EGA Wellness one litre ghee is made from 35kg milk. It is hand-churned and 100% organic.  

    Saffron Oil 

    Saffron is rich in vitamins that are good for your hair and skin. Saffron oil massage makes the skin very smooth and helps in blood circulation.  Its other benefits are as follows-

    • Clear acne and prevents them from coming back again
    • Prevents loss of hair 
    • Can be used as a skin toner
    • Adds a natural glow to the skin
    • Brightens the texture of the skin 


    The antioxidants present in neem helps in reducing melanin production and gives an even skin tone. It also reduces the dark spots and blemishes and fine lines and wrinkles.  People with acne problems can use neem face wash EGA neem face wash daily and apply neem face pack twice in a week.


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