Why should cleansing your body be a regular ritual?

Why should cleansing your body be a regular ritual?

Is your low energy life killing your productivity? Do you feel fatigued and drowsy all the time? This could be an alarm, your body is sending to your mind. We fail to listen to our bodies often which leads to some serious health issues in the long run. The food we consume, the pattern we follow on a daily basis balances our immunity and mental health. An unhealthy body will always restrict you from achieving your best. We need to check upon our metabolism and take control over the toxins we introduce to our body on a daily basis. According to our ancient Indian history

These little changes will make a big difference in your life. Let me share some important insights with you about cleansing and why it is important :

Cleansing is a process of getting rid of all of our body toxins and other waste from the body. So, it comes after a detox process that less toxic products or the resulting metabolites are removed or cleansed. This means, they cannot be separated as two independent processes and they will happen one after the other. Our body sufficiently manages the task of naturally detoxifying the generated toxins in our body into harmless substances. These are eliminated by the excretory organs in our body which in result detoxifies or rather cleanse us.

The liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin and lymphatic system are especially useful and important when it comes to cleansing the body. Apart from natural cleansing processes, we need to eliminate some toxins manually by adding healthy and fresh food to our diet.  After all, we are what we consume.

At first, understand why we need manual cleansing:

Colon - If your digestive system is flawed and some waste remains in your colon then most chances are, you will suffer from all kinds of problems such as constipation created by parasitic invasion. In such cases you can rely on Daily Colon Cleanser from EGA Wellness which provides safe & straight solutions for our wellbeing.

Kidneys - Your kidneys will stay in the prime condition and will efficiently release toxins and this happens only when you clean them. Healthy kidneys will remove toxins and will be excreted, as soon as sent by the liver. To get rid of water retention issues and to keep your kidneys healthy you can choose our preservative free Nirvana Juice   which includes carrot and coconut water and is 100% natural.

Liver - The liver functions to metabolize carbohydrates (glucose), fats (fatty acids) and proteins (amino acids). The other key essential function of your liver is to break down the daily toxins and it detoxifies the body toxins present. The resulting products or the end metabolites are released in this way. They pass through the bile into your intestines and are excreted in the form of feces. They can even be eliminated in the form of urine.  The liver works as an oil filter against all the extra fatty acid our body produces but sometimes it gets blocked by the toxins produced from junk we eat. This Liver cleanser can do wonders if you are having such issues and help your body retrieve itself.

We all have seen a kitchen waste disposal unit. A continuous inflow of starchy food and pieces of vegetables will be accumulated over time. The unit will continue to work, but the process will be affected. During such times, either you would have to reset the button underneath the kitchen disposal or remove the waste inside. Once it is cleaned, it will start working normally. You just need to remember that all the litter is not dumped into it again.

Your liver works in similar conditions. Beverages, meat, drugs, sugar, alcohol, or even breathing amounts of toxins have reduced its efficiency. These many toxins brought by the blood will not be kept up with. Unlike the waste disposal unit, you cannot use your hands to clean up your liver. Hence, detox the gallbladder or opt for the wide range of cleansing products provided by EGA Wellness which is a one stop shop platform for all your health related issues. Its vision is to create awareness towards healthy living solutions and a disease-free life among all of us. 



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