Start The Year Right With 3-Day Ayurveda Juice Cleanse

Start The Year Right With 3-Day Ayurveda Juice Cleanse

Singapore Guide Book(SGB): Tell us about your latest juice
cleanse experience

Prissa: I started the 3-days juice cleanse plan with EGA Juice Clinic last January, the urge to do it was because I think my body was telling me that I need to go easy on the alcohol after the festivities in December, my body itself was somehow resistant to enjoy another glass of alcohol, and that’s where I thought I needed to detox.

I have been a loyal customer of EGA since 2 years back, and always feel impactful progress from their juices, especially the Natural Immunobooster powershot. So after seeing the ads of their juice cleanse, I finally decided to do it.

It was a pleasant experience! I felt good afterwards, 3 days juice cleanse journey with EGA was so special, because they always monitored the progress through whatsapp and impor-tantly I got the chance to have a consultation with their Ayurvedic doctor, which I learned more about Ayurvedic approach and how my body resist to some types of food.

By the way, this was not my first juice detox experience, I tried with other juice company before. I think what make EGA unique is the taste of fresh turmeric and special Amla fruit (Indian gooseberry) in almost every juice which makes it easier to drink, and the approach of they’re checking how am I doing everyday and which juice cleanse package to choose for the next day is very personalised and I love it.

SGB: What did the doctor do during consultation?
Prissa: The doctor asked about my daily routines, and he assessed my blood pressure, from that he advised a doable list to maintain regularly as part of my daily routine to improve health. A regular juice cleanse was also advisable, I surely will do it again, as I felt good after the cleanse.

SGB: What does the juice detox entail?
Prissa: It really depends on what you want to achieve, for me personally, I did the juice detox for Weight Loss and Lymphatic cleanse and for Skin Health, and Digestion Disorder. When I set my goal, I have a consultation with the EGA representative at Raffles Place store and they advised on which juice cleanse package to start. Each day, you will get 7 juices complete with the detail timing for consumption.

SGB: What was the hardest part?
Prissa: Not taking food I guess is not the hardest part, again I’m used to do fasting regularly as well. The hardest will be going to the toilet more than you do on Day 2!

SGB: How did you feel after you finished the juice detox?
Prissa: I feel great and fresh, I can also see improvement on my skin, which is an extra point that I love! I think everyone should try juice detox once in a while, to give a little “break” to our hardworking digestive system! Let me know your experience!

SGB: Thank you for sharing with us, Prissa! For our members, here’s how
to book your juice cleanse.

To know your Ayurvedic body type and book your juice cleanse, you may contact us (call/whatsapp) at 8202 8360 or email us at Use online code PrissaJuiceCleanse to receive a free Black Hair Oil (NeeliBhringadi) when you book your juice cleanse package at


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