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    Diabetes Care Kadha | Guluchi | Pippali | 14 herbs | 100 gm.

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    Diabetes Care Kadha | Guluchi | Pippali | 14 herbs | 100 gm.

    EGA Diabetes Kadha promotes a healthy digestive system by balancing sweet cravings and supporting easy metabolism.

    • The bitter taste maintains healthy blood sugar levels and helps manage sugar cravings.
    • It aids in optimal weight management when taken along with a balanced diet and regular exercise.
    • The rejuvenating properties help energize the cells and tissues in the body.
    • It encourages healthy skin by providing vital nutrients for nourishment.
    • Helps to manage the blood sugar levels.
    • Helps to provide relief in case of frequent urination, increased thirst and appetite.
    • Helps to increase the production of insulin by naturally activating the Pancreas.
    • The decoction of the Kadha has been shown to support the pancreas function with natural production of insulin, thereby helping glucose uptake from the bloodstream.

    The Ayurvedic Properties of EGA- Diabetes Kadha:

    • Taste (Rasa) – Pungent, Bitter, Astringent
    • Quality (Guna) – Light, Dry, Clear
    • Potency (Veerya) – Hot
    • Post Digestive Effect (Vipaka) – Pungent
    • Action on Doshas – Balancing for Vata and Kapha doshas

    Healthy sugar metabolism requires optimal functioning of numerous organs and tissues which produce the hormones necessary to regulate glucose as fuel in the body: pancreas, liver, intestines, and nervous system. Bringing Ayurveda into the picture, kapha must primarily be balanced, supplying relief to any imbalanced vata and pitta, allowing for proper digestion, usage and production of glucose in the body.
    Ayurveda has a number of herbs that are beneficial in bringing balance to kapha and supporting the body’s natural sugar metabolism mechanisms.

    • Guluchi - Tinospora cordifolia
    • Sunthi - Zingiber officinale
    • Pippali - Piper longum
    • Lavanga - Syzygium aromaticum
    • Duralabha - Tragia involucrata
    • Akarakaraba - Anacyclus pyrethrum
    • Kokilaksha - Hygrophila auriculata
    • Abhaya - Terminalia chebula 
    • Vasa - Adhatoda Vasica
    • Karpooravalli - Coleus amboinicus
    • Bharngi - Clerodendrum serratum 
    • Kirathathiktha - Andrographis panniculata
    • Bala - Sida cordifolia
    • Mustha - Cyperus rotundus

    How to Use – Add one teaspoon in a cup of water(150ml), boil it for 3-5 minutes, filter it and have it at 6am and 6pm (at least an hour before breakfast and dinner) or as prescribed.

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