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    Difference Between Regular Salt and Himalayan Rock Salt

    Confused between using Regular salt and Himalayan Rock salt? Simple! You just need to learn more about it. Here we are sharing some concrete and proven facts that will clear your puzzled head.

    Salt is a widely used element which is very essential for the human body and is often used as a preservative in some cases. It has numerous health benefits when taken in an appropriate amount. Whereas there are many claims and facts around using regular or Himalayan salt.

    What is Regular or Table salt?

    Regular salt is also called table salt and consists of 40% sodium. Table salt usually comes from underground mines and is more refined than other varieties. It undergoes heavy processing where minerals and anti-clumping agents are removed and iodine is introduced. The excessive amount of sodium present in it causes high blood pressure in some people. However the vast majority of people use more salt in their food than required.

    What is Himalayan Rock salt?

    Himalayan salt is often referred to as pink-salt as it is pink in color. These salts are extracted from Khewra Salt Mine located near the Himalayas in Pakistan. These salts are believed to have been formed millions of years ago from the evaporation of ancient bodies of water. The process of extraction is done by hand and is minimally processed to obtain an unrefined product.

    Major difference between Regular salt and Himalayan salt:

    • Regular salt contains sodium in a high amount whereas Himalayan salt contains the least amount of sodium making it the best option to consume.
    • Table salts have no any trace minerals while Pink-salt has a small amount of trace minerals
    • Regular salts are refined while Himalayan salt is hand-extracted thus are pure

    Why should you prefer Himalayan Rock salt?

    The whole process of refining and its source makes it a desirable product for our wellbeing. This salt is popular for dietary purposes but also used for non-dietary purposes, and is totally healthy to use. The minerals found in Pink-salt are properly preserved including common minerals like potassium and calcium, as well as lesser-known minerals like strontium and molybdenum. That's what EGA Wellness provides Organic Himalayan Rock salt with 84 different minerals directly extracted from rocks formed over 800 millions years ago. EGA Wellness is helping people to live a disease free and replenishing life by presenting them a wide range of beauty products, personal care products to food supplements. Start choosing the products you consume wisely, cutting unhealthy options and see the difference for yourself in ways it can help you throughout your life.


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    • Posted on Shankar kapa

      If it is believable, may help to get the better health

    • Posted on S.B. som (Bose)

      I got it from one video presentation by a Doctor stating Rock Salt(Kcl) from Himalayan Rocks that helps control Diastolic level management. I started taking it for few days and feel better. Your narratives also helped a lot. Thanks.

    • Posted on NANDAKUMAR R

      Thaks for Good information

    • Posted on NANDAKUMAR R

      Thaks for Good information

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