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    Diabetes Reversal Program

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    Diabetes Reversal Program

    EGA Wellness’s Ayurveda Diabetes Type 2 Reversal program focuses first, on a healing change in the diet and lifestyle of the patient in accordance with her body type. We are what we eat. You can reverse Diabetes 2 by informed changes to your diet, a completely personalized dietary and lifestyle routine, and all-natural herbal supplements, where required.

    This program is crafted by our Ayurveda physicians who have many years of clinical experience in reversing lifestyle related diseases.

    Reverse Diabetes Type 2 completely with our program that focusses on:

    • An outcome of improved insulin sensitivity and maintaining HbA1C levels below 6 without the use of modern medication.

    • A personal health plan designed to achieve these outcomes by incorporating FIVE key elements for reversal:

      • Discourse & education on Diabetes Type 2
      • Diet
      • Discipline for exercise
      • De-Stress
      • Detox with systematic Ayurvedic traditional fasting to ensure faster results in terms of weight management and blood sugar control.

    Unlimited support till you achieve the program goals

    Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most prevalent lifestyle diseases and can be a serious precursor to increased risks of heart diseases, atherosclerosis, neuropathy in limbs, impaired kidney function, etc. What does it mean to have Type 2 Diabetes? It means that:

    1. Your pancreas is not able to secrete enough insulin

    2. Your body cells are not responding to insulin (insulin resistance)

    The real cure for Diabetes is not external insulin or other medicines. The real cure is the reversal to the original state of perfect pancreatic function and active insulin receptivity.
    So, with ideal treatment, your pancreas should start secreting insulin in adequate amounts and your cells should become receptive to insulin.

    This is possible with Ayurveda. Innumerable scientific studies prove that Ayurvedic herbs and plants like Karela, Neem, Jamun, Amla, Turmeric etc. can recover the lost pancreatic function. Classical Ayurvedic medicines for hypothyroidism are infused with the healing properties of these herbs.

    FAR REACHING BENEFITS: Ayurveda is a holistic science and treats the whole body, not only specific organs. Therefore, the effect of this treatment is visible on the entire body.
    Your pancreas can function well only when your other organs are healthy too. Hence, the treatment proceeds gently and apart from reversing Diabetes Type 2, it also helps to improve overall health conditions without any side effects or complications.

    So, if you have other conditions like constipation, acidity, IBS, chronic inflammation, pain etc., these health conditions will also get resolved along with the treatment.

    Disclaimer – This program works best in the initial stages of Diabetes.

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