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    Ayurveda is the ancient science of life that emphasizes first on the prevention of disease and then to treat a disease from its root cause. ‘Triphala’ is a Sanskrit term that is made up of two words - ‘Tri’ meaning three and ‘Phala’ meaning fruits. Thus, ‘Triphala’ refers to the combination of three Ayurvedic Fruits or Herbs - Amla (Emblica officinalis), Harad (Terminalia chebula) and Baheda (Terminalia bellirica). The synergistic combination of three superfruits is called ‘Tridosha Hara’ which when taken daily can have far reaching benefits on the body by balancing all three doshas.

    We have Triphala in 3 formulations



    Learn More on Daily Lax
    10x purified triphala as a daily laxative

    Triphala in Ayurveda is a natural mild laxative that is used since time immemorial as a natural treatment for constipation and gut cleanse. Daily Lax with 10x purified triphala is a stimulant laxative, which is non-habit forming and acts directly on the intestinal muscles and causes the accumulated waste to flush out of the body. Consumption of Daily Lax on a daily basis can help reduce digestive disorders like constipation and bloating, and can regulate healthy bowel movement.

    Benefits of EGA Daily Lax

    Regulates Daily Bowel Movement

    Helps in gentle Elimination

    Not Habit Forming

    Triphala the mild daily laxative

    Eases Constipation & Bloating

    Food that is medicine

    Recommended for 365 Days



    Learn More on Daily Detox
    10x purified triphala as a daily detox

    Daily Detox formulation helps in the natural gentle detoxification of the built-up ama. It cleanses the digestive tract in a steady way that does not disturb the balance of your body, in fact helps bring back vitiated doshas to a state of balance. Undigested and uneliminated food in our digestive system undergo a process of auto- intoxication to create metabolic toxins or ‘ama’. These toxins build up over a period of time in our body, block minute channels and impair normal body functions. Initially they cause symptoms like skin problems, constipation, headaches, bloating, fatigue and a tendency to fall ill regularly. When left untreated, these toxins can lead to more chronic disorders over time such as Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension and Heart Diseases.

    Benefits of EGA Daily Detox

    Rejuvenates. Detoxes Cells & Tissues.

    Promotes Good Digestion

    Builds Immunity

    EGA triphala daily detox bottle

    Keeps Diseases At Bay

    Deep Body Cleansing

    Anti-Aging Triphala formulation is abundant in antioxidants and nutrients that delay the aging process. Antioxidants present in Anti-Aging formulation reduce the free radicals and free electrons in the body, preventing cellular damage and early cell death. The feeling of biological aging ahead of your chronological aging is a recurring theme in our modern lifestyle.Our body is constantly changing and billions of cells are being replaced every day in the body. Therefore, it is important to provide optimum nutrition and conducive environment for the new cells to grow and function properly. The constant enemies of new & healthy cells are free radicals that are released during various physiological functions causing early cell death & damage.

    Benefits of EGA Anti-Aging

    Reduces Early Signs of Aging.

    Delays Biological Aging

    Nourishing Tonic

    EGA triphala anti-aging formula

    Cell Rejuvination

    Elixir For Skin & Hair