Indian Kapila Cow Bilona Desi Ghee A2 Sattva

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Cow Ghee sattva is an excellent base for preparing Ayurvedic medicines. The virtues of this clarified butter and its ability to reach within the deepest of tissues in the human body make it an ideal base to prepare Ayurvedic formulations targeting specific parts/organs/tissues of the body. There are many other...
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Indian Kapila Cow Bilona Desi Ghee A2 Sattva

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Cow Ghee sattva is an excellent base for preparing Ayurvedic medicines. The virtues of this clarified butter and its ability to reach within the deepest of tissues in the human body make it an ideal base to prepare Ayurvedic formulations targeting specific parts/organs/tissues of the body. There are many other uses of Cow ghee within the Ayurvedic science that make it an invaluable part of this ancient medical science. Cow ghee sattva also known as clarified butter, is a traditional adjuvant/ vehicle described in Ayurveda. It is an excellent anupana (vehicle) for transporting the drugs to the deeper tissue layers of the body. Proper digestion, absorption and delivery to a target organ system are crucial in obtaining the maximum benefit from any therapeutic formulation; the lipophilic action if Cow ghee facilitates transportation to a target
organ and final delivery inside the cell since the cell membrane also contains lipid.
Cow Ghee sattva utilized in Ayurveda, used for numerous medical applications, including the treatment of allergy, skin and respiratory diseases. Cow Ghee is also known to retard the undesirable effects of drugs besides cancelling the effect of toxins in the body. However, Cow ghee has to be used in its optimal volume and form in order to increase the efficacy of the Ayurvedic preparations. Most Cow ghee based formulations in Ayurveda are aimed at treating ailments related to the nervous system, digestive system and for psychological ailments too. As per Ayurveda Cow ghee is very much beneficial to human beings It loosen up and liquefy toxins and pacify humors (Doshas) in the skin and blood (called the outer disease pathway).It opens the small channels for dislodging and removing heavy toxins.
 For body massage-abhyanga. Apply Cow sattva all over the body, rubbing into head, chest, limbs, joints & orifices. It will bypass the digestive system & allow the qualities of Cow ghee to penetrate directly into the deeper tissues. Massaging the skin creates endorphins or peptides, which enhances the body immune system. Regular abhyanga slows the aging process.
 Cow Ghee sattva is used in purvakarma (early panchkarma), where the small amount of Cow ghee is taken first thing in the morning by the practitioner to oleate the internal organs & dissolve the ama or toxic wastes in the tissues, allowing them to be to be carried to the digestive tract for elimination.
 Cow Ghee sattva is used as a carrier for herbs and bhasmas because of its supreme penetrating qualities and thus ability to carry these substances deep into the tissues.
 One or two teaspoons first thing in the morning followed immediately with hot water produce a bowel movement. Two spoonfuls of Cow ghee sattva in warm milk before bedtime soothing to the nerves and lubricates the intestines and facilitates the bowel movement in the morning.
 In ancient India Cow ghee sattva used for recovery from wounds. It can be applied on broken bones & bruises & effective against skin rashes. Sattva is excellent for scrapes & both type of burns i.e. fire or chemicals
 Cow Ghee sattva is excellent for a gargle, to improve the health of the teeth & gums.
 In India it is said that if a few drops of Cow ghee sattva are placed in the nostrils then
nosebleed can be checked. If this is done twice in a day, then headache can be relieved

 It helps, balances the DOSHAS and stimulates regeneration of cells, simultaneously protecting the body from disease .Ingested through the nostrils; cow ghee stimulates the brain and reduces hair losThe best cow breeds of the world are of Indian origin. Kapila, one of the native breeds of Western India known for its small size and spiritual elegance is considered as the best cow breed. There is a popular belief among the village-folk that Kapila cows have a wise eating habit and capable of avoiding unhealthy food materials either among plants or plant products. Since the food of Kapila breed comprises highly diverse forest flora, including many of the medicinal plants in the wild, the milk produced by these cows naturally possess a high level of medicinal properties and healing abilities. Because of its small stature, Kapila bulls and cows can easily eat small sized grass, plants etc. which is very nutritious. This nutrition naturally passed on to its milk, dung and urine. Therefore, Ayurveda practitioners also prefer the products of this cow for preparation of medicinal formulations.

• Normalizes Vata, Pitta and doshas. Nourishes the body.
• Improves sperm count and strengthens sexual power.
• Strengthens immune system and vitality.
• Good for voice, eyes and vision.
• Good for building stamina.
• Excellent for glowing skin.
• Excellent for increasing appetite.

Pure Desi KapIla Cow Ghee made from A2 milk from a Gaushala having cows which are free to graze on the farm, the cows bask in the sunshine while free grazing and jump and play in the day, after the calf has had her/his due the milk is taken by hand then boiled over fire wood, then inoculated with curds to make whole curds, the curds is then churned to get butter which is melted on fire wood in a mud container to give you pure desi cow ghee , this is the only ghee which melts below human body temperature, contains no harmful cholesterol and is one of the best known medicines as per Ayurveda science and know to cure many chronic diseases and improve immune and strength.

One litre ghee is made from 35 kg milk by heating it for long time so all lactose is removed and only Sattva is left. Thus Ghee is generally used for making ayurvedic medicine. 100% seasonal greens and vegetables fed cow, no cow is tortured or calves are starved to take the milk.  No artificial insemenation is done.


  • Increases the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Increases one’s energy, vitality, and immunity (Ojas).
  • Detoxifies the body (widely used in cleaning therapies).
  • Used for cellular rejuvenation.
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Heals the intestinal wall.
  • Strengthens and nourishes the brain and nervous system.
  • Enhances the health properties of herbs when taken together.
  • Healthy alternative to butter and oil and can be added to any dish.

Ayurvedic Ega ghee is made from fermented butter churned out of yogurt or curd/Cultured Ghee

Scientific fact:  This is the only Ghee that melts Below Human Body Temperature, it melts at 36 degrees and human body temp is 36.1 degrees whereas other Ghee melt at 40 degrees.

The Ghee is completely Additives and Preservatives Free.

100% Additives FREE, 100% Preservative FREE, 100% No Added Colours.

India's Best Desi Kapila Cow Hand Churned Bilona Ghee

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