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  • Organic Barnyard Millet Grain (Unpolished)-500 gm

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    Organic Barnyard Millet Grain (Unpolished)-500 gm

    Millet is a small seeded grass that has been cultivated for over 10,000 years


    From an Ayurvedic perspective, millet is considered Sweet, Heating, Dry and Light. This makes it a rather special grain because it has the satisfying, nourishing effect of the Sweet taste but at the same time is light, easy to digest and actually antidotes the damp stickiness that can result from eating other heavier grains (like wheat).


    Due to its light, heating and drying effect, millet is used as ‘food medicine’ in the treatment of:

    • Excess Toxins
    • Low Digestive Fire
    • Diabetes
    • Excess weight
    • Edema
    • Excess Kapha (mucous/fluid) conditions


    Gluten free

    Non gmo

    100% Natural

    Non processed

    100% organic, No use of chemicals/ pesticides


    Soak millets overnight, boil in the morning. Add to roasted vegetables and eat like porridge.


    Do not grind and keep as flour as it oxidizes and reduces the nutrition value

    Product of india

    Wt: 500 gram

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    Deepa Desai (Singapore)

    Growing up my house hold used lot of different millets in daily diet.. so EGA made it easy for me to source it here and excellent quality ones 👍

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